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Your local independent book seller based in Wadhurst, East Sussex

Thank you!


Thank you to Halik Kochanski

and to everybody who 

came to discuss her book! 


Frankopan The Earth Transformed 9781526622563.jpg

Another broad-reaching epic from

Peter Frankopan - showing how past

climate change has shaped history?

A good read

Two Sherpas Daniell 9781913867416.jpg

Should they risk the rescue?
Mountaineering, colonialism, obligation - and effortless prose

For children

One Springy day 9780008279899.jpg

These really are the best...

A seasonal offering from 

Percy the Park-keeper!

Try this one...?

Controversy Mar 23.jpg

Sensationalist headlines and

provocative arguments...  

Read them for yourself and decide!

Literary Lounge

Sold Out.jpg

Come and hear renowned academic, Halik Kochanski, present on
"Resistance" - Upstairs at Barnett's

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