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Our selection of fiction (for adult readers)

Stuck for ideas of what to read next?

On the next few pages, we highlight a few of our favourite books - new and old - across a range of categories, including gifts for children, the best cookbooks, and the non-fiction standards that we have found interesting

We also highlight a few external reading lists below - while taking no responsibility for the suggestions they might lead you to!

Of course, if you are looking for suggestions on what to read or what to buy someone as a present, there's no substitute for coming into the shop, having a bit of a browse, and discussing what you are looking for with our knowledgeable staff!

Our selection of fiction (for adult readers)

Books for children and young adults

Non-fiction to captivate and educate!

BBC "Between the Covers" 2022

The books selected by the guests of the BBC2 series "Between the Covers" include old favourites and newly published books, with a title from the Booker backlists for the nation to enjoy

"Top books for the summer" of 2022

Whether you prefer The Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph or The FT - everybody has issued a 
"Top Books for the Summer" chart - click on your preferred source in the line above to open the links

The Big Jubilee Read 2022

70 years of great reads from Commonwealth authors to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in 2022

Children: Books about refugees and asylum

The Book Trust has prepared a list of books to help introduce children to the issues faced by refugees

Children: If I loved { }, who do I read next?

The Book Trust have a wonderful list of suggestions for the books and authors that children should try

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